Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the next evolution in IT computing models following client-server model. Cloud Computing makes computer infrastructure and services available on an “as-need” basis. Organizations need to “pay per use” i.e. organization need to pay only as much for the computing
infrastructure as they use. Timewell partnered with IBM, which uses Amazon EC2 infrastructure to build Cloud services. IBM offers most of its products as part of their Cloud offering.

Following are the components that make up the Cloud.

  • Cloud client (mostly web browsers)
  • Cloud applications (software as service)
  • Cloud platforms (platform as service)
  • Cloud infrastructure(infrastructure as service)

Timewell has expertise in Cloud technologies like SOA, SaaS, Cloud management software, web 2.0 and HTML5 and can build solutions with all the Cloud components.

Timewell Advantage

  • Timewell offers services to do a detailed assessment as to what services can be deployed on the Cloud and managing them on the Cloud
  • Timewell help organizations to move their services to Cloud as SaaS(Software as Service)
  • Timewell can help come up with the detailed cost based analysis for moving the applications to the Cloud and help the organizations to understand the benefits of moving to the Cloud
  • Timewell offers services to manage all the SaaS deployed on the Cloud
  • Timewell helps the organizations adapt to the Cloud by giving custom made and suitable solutions