What makes us special?

Everyone from executive management to business analysts to customer relationship managers needs timely and trusted information about their businesses.

For 10 years Timewell has been working with Data and Information on Business Intelligence and Content Management, Data Warehousing, MDM, consolidating applications, Data Integration and Cleansing projects. Our nitch involves our extensive work and knowledge of IBM InfoSphere Information Server (DataStage, QualityStage, Information Analyzer, Business Glossary, and Fast Track) and Websphere WTX. As a supplier partner, if you purchased services from IBM, Ascential Software, or Mercator Software there’s a very good chance that resource was from Timewell, Inc.

We continue to work to establish Timewell as a nationally renown Solution Provider for Data Profiling, Data Cleansing, and Data Transformation projects. If you own Information Server and need experienced and qualified personnel to Design, Develop, Deploy, Utilize and Optimize, Archive, Mentor, and Teach then Timewell is the “go to” company for those resources. We can provide clients with the best software/services solution to their Data Integration needs.

We are also determined to reintroduce young developers to this specific world of Information Technology through classroom training and onsite ‘real world’ engagements.

We aren’t the company you’ve been buying services from; We are the company that made sure those services were better