Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing

Current State Assessment
Most organizations have business intelligence and data warehousing applications for decision making. Data Warehousing solutions are long drawn in nature and have a long maturity path and hence require good planning and initiation. At Timewell we understand the value of your data assets and will provide an unbiased assessment of your current Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing capabilities. In a 2-4 week current state assessment we study current infrastructure, business intelligence and data integration tools, processes, and procedures in the following areas and compare it against industry standards and reference architectures and will provide you’re a comprehensive “Current State Assessment Report”.

  • Conceptual, Logical and Physical Data Model
  • Data Integration Architecture and Design
  • Reporting Architecture and Design
  • Database Architecture and Design
  • Data Quality and Governance
  • Master Data Management
  • Metadata Management
  • Reference Data Management
  • Audit and Controls

Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Strategy and Roadmap
The Timewell Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing Strategy and Roadmap services help define the best configuration of people, process, technology and architecture for an effective Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing  infrastructure and organization. In 6-12 weeks after the Current State Assessment Timewell will provide a Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Strategy and Roadmap based on the findings in the current state assessment.

Data Warehousing  and Business Intelligence Tools.
At Timewell we have expertise in the following Data Warehousing Tools and can help you do an end to end implementation of your data warehousing/business intelligence project.

  • IBM Industry Data Models which can be used to integrate your data from various sources and build and enterprise data warehouse
  • IBM InfoSphere Data Architect to maintain your conceptual, logical and physical data models
  • Metadata Workbench to manage your metadata
  • IBM InfoSphere DataStage as an ETL tool to integrate data from several sources into your enterprise data warehouse
  • IBM InfoSphere Information Analyzer and Infosphere Discovery to profile source data and build data quality rules and dashboards
  • IBM InfoSphere QualityStage to cleanse the source data loaded into the warehouse