IBM InfoSphere Discovery

IBM InfoSphere Discovery is used for analyzing data values and data patterns to identify the relationships that link disparate data elements into logical units of information. Discovery is also used to identify the transformation rules that have been applied to a source system to populate a target such as a data warehouse or operational data store.

IBM InfoSphere Discovery Benefits

  • Discover data transformation rules and heterogeneous relationships
  • Identify hidden sensitive data for privacy
  • Business insight into data relationships reduces project risk
  • Analyzing source data values and data patterns
  • Evaluates multiple data sources simultaneously

The Timewell Discovery Advantage
Timewell an IBM’s SWG Software Group Direct Partner supplies IBM Certified InfoSphere Solution Developers with huge experience to all our clients. All our IBM InfoSphere Discovery Consultants have extensive experience and specialization which includes:

  • IBM InfoSphere Discovery Capacity Planning
  • IBM InfoSphere Discovery Installation and Configuration
  • IBM InfoSphere Discovery Implementation
  • Analyzing different source systems data & patterns to find relationships